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Endowed Professorships

The Endowed Professorships Program was established by the Louisiana Board of Regents in 1990-91. The Endowed Professorship program is designed to broaden opportunities for faculty enhancement on diverse types of campuses.

Endowed Professorships help recruit superior new faculty and/or retain faculty whose research, teaching, and/or public service have uniquely contributed to the missions of their departments and institutions.  A major purpose of the Endowed Professorships program is to create stronger economic development ties between the private sector and higher education.

An Endowed Professorship is established by pairing a 60% private-sector gift with a 40% Board of Regents award through a permanent trust fund - the Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund. The minimum private investment required to establish an Endowed Professorship is $60,000.  This gift is then eligible to receive the Board of Regent’s $40,000 match, creating a $100,000 Endowed Professorship.

Endowed Professorships are flexible and intended to meet the needs of widely varying disciplines, campuses, and academic units in one or more of the following ways:

The endowed professorship is a distinction awarded by the university to a scholar or teacher in recognition of past and potential original contributions to the individual's academic discipline. In addition to the academic honor given to the individual, an endowed professorship provides funding for support of his or her teaching, research, and service responsibilities.

Academic Affairs

Dr. Jessica Dolecheck Mayme and Tom Scott Endowed Professorship in Teaching Excellence
Dr. Jessica Dolecheck


Arts, Education, & Sciences 

Dr. Mary Adams Endowed Professorship in English
Dr. Mary Adams
Not determined Entergy Endowed Professorship in Instructional Technology in Teacher Education
Not Determined
Dr. Jeffrey Anderson Dr. William R. Hammond
Endowed Professorship in Liberal Arts
Dr. Jeffrey Anderson
 Dr. John Carr Kitty Degree Endowed Professorship in Biology
Dr. John Carr
Dr. Bista Chase Endowed Professorship in Teacher Education
Dr. Kris Bista
Dr. Amy Dagley Endowed Professorship in Educational Administration
Dr. Amy Dagley
 Dr. Jana Giles L.M. McKneely Endowed Professorship in English Literature
Dr. Jana Giles 
 Dr. Chenoweth Endowed Professorship in Geology
Dr. M. Sean Chenoweth

Dr. Mike Beutner
Mary Ellen Walker Endowed Professorship in
Early Childhood Education
Dr. Mike Beutner
 Dr. Kim Kitty DeGree Endowed
Professorship in Education
Dr. Kioh Kim
 Dr. Christopher Mapp Vernon W. "Bodie" McCrory First Amendment Endowed Professorship in Mass Communication
Dr. Christopher Mapp
Dr. Mobley  Emy-Lou Biedenharn
Endowed Professorship in Music
Dr. Mel Mobley
 Dr. Ava Pugh Bellsouth Endowed Professorship
in Science Education
Dr. Ava Pugh

 Dr. Ryan
Tommy and Mary Barham
Endowed Professorship in English
Dr. William Ryan

Dr. Stanley  The Upshaw Family Endowed Professorship
for the College of Education and Human Development
Dr. Shalanda Stanley
Not determined Capital One Endowed Professorship in 
Not Determined

 Dr. Allison Wiedemier
Lillian L. and Fred A. Marx Endowed Professorship in Biology
Dr. Allsion Wiedemier
Dr. Uduak George  A. Dale Magoun Endowed Professorship in
Dr. Uduak George
Dr. Powell Frances Davis Hammond Endowed Professorship in Education 
Dr. Sheryln Powell




Business & Social Sciences 

Dr. Laurie Babin Abell Endowed Professorship in Entrepreneurship
Dr. Laurie Babin
Dr. William Barnett Kitty DeGree Endowed Professorship in Computer Information Systems
Dr. William Barnett 
 Dr. Stan Williamson Bruce and Lizabeth Boulware Endowed Professorship in Management 
Dr. Stan Williamson
Dr. Christine Berry State Farm Endowed Professorship in Insurance 
Dr. Christine Berry
Dr. Katherine Boswell Michelle McEacharn Endowed Professorship in Accounting
Dr. Katherine Boswell
 Dr. Paul Wiedemeier Entergy Endowed Professorship in Computer Information Systems 
Dr. Paul Wiedemeier
Dr. James Casey Mayme and Tom Scott Endowed Professorship in Agriculture
Dr. James Casey 
Dr. Manry Northeast Chapter Associated General Contractors of America Endowed Super Professorship
Dr. David Manry
Dr. Jose Cordova Kitty DeGree Endowed Professorship in Computer Science 
Dr. José Cordova
Dr. Dorothy Davis John L. Luffey, Sr. Endowed Professorship in Accounting
Dr. Dorothy Davis 
Zachary Moore Governor James A. Noe and Linda Noe Laine Endowed Professorship in Agriculture
Mr. Zachary Moore
Dr. David Hodnett Clark G. Boyce Endowed Professorship in Construction
Dr. David Hodnett
Dr. Brayton Thurman Potts Endowed Professorship in Construction
Director, School of Construction Management
Dr. Ed Brayton
Eugenie Goodwin Louisiana Real Estate Commission Endowed Professorship in Finance 
Dr. Eugenie Ardoin
Dr. Cole Dr. Henry Hu Endowed Professorship in Entrepreneurship 
Dr. Henry Cole
Dr. Elizabth Mceacharn Hood/DeFatta Endowed Professorship in Accounting
Dr. Michelle McEacharn
Dr. Donna Luse Endowed Professorship in Entrepreneurship
Dr. Donna Luse
Mr. Greg Smith Endowed Professorship in Electrical/Mechanical School of Construction 
Mr. Greg Smith
 Ms. Janis Weber Alumni Endowed Professorship in Accounting 
Ms. Janis Weber
Ms. Patti Roshto Beta Alpha Psi Eta Sigma (BAPES) Excellence Endowed Professorship in Accounting
Ms. Patti Roshto
Dr. Lon Smith Clarke Williams, Jr. Endowed Professorship in Communicative Software Design
Dr. Lon Smith
Dr. Joshua Stockley L.M. McKneely Endowed Professorship in Humanities
Dr. Joshua Stockley
Mr. Greg Smith Beach Endowed Professorship in the School of Construction 
Mr. Greg Smith
Dr. Walker John and Rosemary Luffey Professional in Residence Endowed Professorship
Dr. Bruce Walker
photo of kogut George T. Walker Endowed Professorship in Entrepreneurship
Dr. Carl Kogut

Health & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Kevin Baer Waste Management Endowed Professorship in Toxicology
Dr. Kevin Baer
Ms. Wendy Bailes Sister Jerome Crowley Endowed Professorship in Nursing
Ms. Wendy Bailes 
Ms. Debra Craighead ULM Endowed Professorship in Nursing
Dr. Debra Craighead 
Dr. Emily Doughty Sister Ligouri Lawton Endowed Professorship in Nursing
Dr. Emily Doughty  
Not determined Kitty DeGree Endowed Professorship for the Speech and Hearing Clinic
Not Determined
Ms. Arrant Glenwood Regional Medical Center Endowed Professorship in Nursing
Ms. Karen Arrant
Ms. Connie Lewis Sister Anne Marie Twohig Endowed Professorship in Nursing
Ms. Connie Lewis
Kathy Kennedy Glenwood Regional Medical Center Endowed Professorship in Nursing (B)
Ms. Kathy Kennedy
Dr. Paul Sylvester Pfizer Inc - B. J. Robison Endowed Professorship in Pharmacy
Dr. Paul Sylvester 
Ms. Jennifer Whited Endowed Professorship in Communicative Disorders
Ms. Jennifer Whited  
Not determined Pfizer Inc - B.J. and Mary Jo Robison Endowed Professorship in Gerontology
Not Determined
Not determined Endowed Professorship in Gerontology
Not Determined 
Not determined Lucy Shackelford Endowed Professorship in Kinesiology 
Not Determined
Dr. Elward Kendall Alford George L. "Chip" Luffey Endowed Professorship in Kinesiology
Dr. Elward Kendall Alford 
 Not determined  Gaye Eason Dean Endowed Professorship in Nursing
Ms. Sherry Peveto