A Great Morning
A Great Morning In Louisiana

One morning, I woke up in my cozy bed, feeling very refreshed. It was a sunny Louisiana Saturday morning in November. I heard my mother and father cooking breakfast in the kitchen. They were laughing. They were laughing very loud and joking with each other. My father made coffee for my Mom. She always likes to drink coffee with plenty of milk and sugar. Mom made grits, hash browns, eggs, and bacon for all of us. It smelled so good!

When my older brother saw me sitting up in bed, he promised to make me a nice cup of hot chocolate. What a great brother I have! That was another reason for me to wake up quickly! I was so happy to brush my teeth as fast as I could. And, of course, I washed my hands and face, too. I couldn't wait to have breakfast with my family. While we were all eating our delicious breakfast, my brother told me that he would take a picture of me with Ace, my good friend, at the game later tonight! What a great day this will be!

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