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Enrollment Policies

Parents must submit a ULM Child Development Center Preliminary Application to the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences or the ULM Child Development Center with application fee of $10.00. Upon receipt of this application, the child's name will be placed on the enrollment list for the year of anticipated enrollment. ULM faculty, ULM Child Development Center staff, siblings of currently enrolled children, staff, students, and alumni are given preference in that order and others as space permits. Full-time faculty, staff, and students will be give preference first then part-time.

Once a child is accepted as an infant he/she is eligible to continue in the program through their preschool senior group year.

The program will strive to have gender balance.

If parents address or telephone number changes during the time the child's name is on the enrollment list. Parents have the responsibility to update the application by calling or writing the ULM Child Development Center at:

702 Cole Ave. Monroe, LA 71203.

Or faxing changes to the Child Development Center at 342-3358.

Upon Entrance

Each child enrolled must have a completed master card and copy of the following on file: social security card, birth certificate, and current immunization record prior to attending the center.