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The study of young children's growth and development has been a part of the University for over fifty years. Early photographs above from the Chacahoula document the early history.

In 1954, Home Economics major, Wyolene Hadskey, holds baby Debbie Free subject of Home Economics study. In the 1950's the Northeast Louisiana State College campus underwent great expansion. A $200,000 Agriculture-Home Economics building, Filhiol Hall, was completed in 1957. The Home Economics Department was housed on the second floor along with its Nursery School which offered students hands on experiences in working with young children.

1958, Instructors of Home Economics Robbie Lee Coxe, a student and Era Davis with Nursery School Children on field trips around campus. During the 1960's the university continued to grow and so did the Nursery school experience with a playground behind Filhiol Hall. In the 1965 photograph below an education major utilizes the Home Economics Nursery school to gain practical experiences in child care.

As the 1960's drew to a close, a new era began as the university changed its name to Northeast Louisiana University. The Nursery school also underwent change as it moved from Filhiol Hall to the present location at 905 Filhiol Ave.

In 1974 under director Sandra Gosh NLU's pre-school was the first and only university school in the state to meet licensing requirements. During the late 90's the university changed its name to the University of Louisiana at Monroe. The Nursery school also underwent a name change from Nursery School to our present name, the ULM Child Development Center. In the summer of 2007 the ULM Child Development Center moved once again to 702 Cole Avenue and expanded services to accommodate infants and toddlers.

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