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One-shot (1-2 days) Ongoing (1+ weeks)
NASA Summer of Innovation (June 4) OT Out Standing in a TEAM OT
JASON Project (July 2,3) OT President's Academy OS
Red Stick Robotics  (July 15-19) CT CenturyLink Reader Leaders OS
Population Education (Fall) OT Roadmap to Reading OT
CenturyLink Saturday Academies (Fall/Spring) OS Math Science Partnerships OT
Carmel Hill Author Visit (October 21)  
Legend:    O - Open    C - Closed  |  T - For Teachers    S - For Students  |  Programs with no label are for everyone

 In addition we have several projects and programs that support ULM students and/or research in the community:
Culture Connection
Carmel Hill Interns
Broaden Horizons Study

Culture Connection
CEHD Culture Connection

The University of Louisiana at Monroe has one of the most diverse student populations in the state and is rapidly gaining a reputation as a university with strong and caring support for  international students.  

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) proudly announces the home of a new space on campus, the CEHD Culture Connection to be used by all ULM students and faculty.

Supported by a Board of Regents Enhancement grant, the Culture Connection is located on the first floor of Strauss Hall in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) on the University of Louisiana campus.

The CEHD Culture Connection consists of a social space for international students and culture-related events (I-Space), a satellite of the main ULM Library devoted to PK-16+ multicultural literature and resources (Multicultural Library), and a Video Production Studio to capture personal narratives and local culture.

International Meeting Space (I-Space): A comfortable meeting space with a smart TV, international cable, and a refrigerator filled with snacks, the I-Space is open Monday through Friday 8:00 to 6:00 and on weekends for soccer matches and other international broadcasts or events.

Multicultural Library: Situated next to the I-Space lounge, the Multicultural Library features a wide variety of PK-16+ literature relating to different cultural perspectives. Supported by a generous grant from Carmel Hill Fund and donations from the community, the library has books available for check out through the ULM main Library.

Video Production Studio: The video production studio has a green screen and dual platform video-editing lab to capture and share diverse perspectives from our college and community through video narratives.  In particular we are hoping to collect oral histories that tell the unique stories of our community and local culture.

To schedule a time to record your story, contact John Rodriguez at jrodriguez@ulm.edu or call 318-342-1090.

Link to the CEHD Culture Connection web page


Outstanding Logo
Outstanding in a TEAM

Weather as a Way to teach the Next Generation of Science Standards

Join ULM Science faculty for hands-on experiences at local research sites that align to the Next Generation of Science Standards and Science as Literacy (CCSS) in the areas of life and physical sciences.

Project runs July 2012 to May 2013:

Total 80 hours
Program limited to 30 science teachers
Teacher stipend for 80 hours at $25.00 an hour totaling $2,000


Louisana Math and Science Partnerships (MSP)

Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) programs have been a highly successful teacher professional development programs at ULM.  
1. Concordia Elementary MSP
2. Franklin High School MSP
3. Monroe City Elementary MSP
4. Morehouse Elementary MSP 
5. Morehouse High School MSP


carmel hill
Carmel Hill Interns

The Carmel Hill fund sponsors ULM/CEHD students to intern with Monroe City Schools.  This program has been a tremendous success and continues to grow each year. ULM interns are placed in Monroe City Schools to provide assistance to children by using Accelerated Reader,  Accelerated Math, as well as take on other duties.  It is the goal of Carmel Hill Fund to change the educational road traveled by all children.