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The College offers approved, accredited programs according to the guidelines and standards stated and validated by the following associations:


The Unit Assessment System provides an accountability blueprint for initial and advanced education candidates from program entry through completion of their chosen program as well as their performance in K-12. Designed to reflect the Unit Conceptual Framework as well as the University and Unit missions, the Unit Assessment System encompasses both professional and state standards in a data collection system that facilitates candidate and faculty understanding of unit and program expectations, while providing valuable information to inform unit, program, and course improvements.

Chief among the key elements for systematic candidate assessment are the portal reviews, each comprised of evidence of significant candidate performances. Specific portal requirements differ by level, program, and degree: B.A. or B.S., M.A.T., M.Ed., or Ed.D. Other important features of the assessment system include the signature assessments for each course, the SOLO rubric that is used to evaluate the signature assessments, and LiveText, the electronic assessment system.

ULM Conceptual Framework

The ULM conceptual framework establishes the shared vision for the College to prepare educators to work effectively in P–12 schools. This framework provides direction for programs, courses, instruction, candidate performance, scholarship, service, and accountability. Our conceptual framework is knowledge-based, articulated, shared, coherent, continuously evaluated and consistent with our institutional mission.

Components of the Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework