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Winners of the Sigma Tau Delta Beta Zeta Chapter 2013-14 Common Reader Writing Contest for Ouachita Parish High School Students
Winners of the ULM Sigma Tau Delta Sponsored Ouachita Parish High School Writing Competition

Left to right:  Alycia Hodges (President 2013-14), Rebekah Barnes (Public Relations), Kenneth West (1st place, poetry, Ouachita HS),
Dr. Jana Giles (Faculty Sponsor), Lauren Turner (Honorable Mention, poetry, Sterlington HS), Adam Breitenbach (Treasurer),
Destinee Harrell (1st place, essay, West Ouachita HS), Valerie Upshaw (Vice President), Justina Salassi (President 2012-13)

About English Majors

A few of us actually become teachers, a worthy goal, but only one among many directions in which English graduates go to make a living. ULM graduates with both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree often go on to graduate school or teaching, but eventually 70% of all English majors make their way into more worldly occupations.

See, that's the thing about English: If you have a degree in English, you can do just about anything because you've been trained to read, produce, and evaluate all kinds of documents from Volkswagen maintenance manuals to scientific treatises, from legal briefs to sermons, from John Donne's poetry to TV scripts.


Student Resources

The Write Place
An informal and comfortable space where writers can talk about their writing concerns with tutors who are willing to listen, share, and respond. 

Computer-assisted Composition Classrooms
CCC gives all ULM students access to a sophisticated computer-assisted writing environment.

Working with computers