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Loeb, Mara

Associate Professor of Communication

Intercultural communication
International student population's role at ULM
Family stories and family culture: sharing, caring, preserving

Intercultural Communication
Family Stories and the Family Culture. Sharing, caring, preserving.
Conflict is Normal. Developing conflict skills that can produce solutions, not bigger problems.

Lowe, Megan

Assistant Professor of Library Science
Reference Librarian

Information literacy: effectively searching and using information sources
Plagiarism: what it is, how to identify it, and how to avoid it
Information science: study of information, how it affects us and how we affect it

Information literacy: The importance of understanding how to effectively search and properly use the wide variety of information sources available in this day and age-school and beyond.

McCown, William

Interim Director Graduate School
Associate Professor of Psychology
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Problem gambling
Procrastination and task avoidance: why we do it and how we can overcome it
Children and drug abuse: working together to avoid the common epidemic

Problem gambling--I have spoken on this topic worldwide. It is entertaining but also helpful and nonjudgmental. It is appropriate for all ages.

McGahan, Joseph R.

Professor of Psychology

Attitudes towards education and learning as a function of gender: in the field of psychology, undergraduate females appear more committed to their education than males; prevalence of female educators in elementary and secondary education affects develo

Eye Contact in Social Interaction: The eyes often are considered "windows to the soul." However, aside from the question of whether there is "a soul," it's debatable whether such claims should be considered a misattribution.

Mehendale, Harihara (Hari) M.

Professor of Toxicology
Kitty DeGree Endowed Chair in Toxicology

Toxicology of drugs, poisons, pesticides and other chemicals
Drug and substance overdose
General toxicology
Liver toxicology: alcohol, Tylenol and over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs
Pulmonary toxicology

“What we need to know about Toxicology”; Toxicology is the “Science of Poisons”. It is any adverse health effect in our body either directly or indirectly through our environment. “All chemicals are poisonous.

Meyer, Sharon A.

Associate Professor of Toxicology

Pesticides: responsible use of chemicals in agriculture; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s conservatory approach protects against adverse human health effects; environmental damage from pesticides

Pesticides. Responsible use of chemicals in agriculture is an economic reality for production of an affordable national food supply. Dr. Meyer discusses how the conservative approach of the U.S.