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Faculty Activities Database

The Faculty Activities Database is used to store information about each faculty member's professional activities. 

The information contained in the database is used each year as part of the annual evaluation process and can be compiled by administrators when summary information is needed for annual or accreditation reports.


Important Notice:As part of our cost-savings measures, we are ending the contract with Digital Measures for our Faculty Activity Database and saving more than $90,000 during the next five years.  However, because this information was so useful, the University Computing Center (UCC) staff has created an in-house version that operates in much the same way as FAD. 

The UCC staff is in the process of finalizing this system and porting data from Digital Measures into it.  To help move from FAD to the new system, please be aware of the following timeline.

On November 20 this page will be updated with instructions on how to log in to the new system.  Once in it, you should find operation to be intuitive but some basic instructions on use will also be provided.