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Graduate School Application [pdf]: As a substitute for the online application (available at https://banner.ulm.edu), prospective students may submit a hard copy of their application. To be processed, the application must be accompanied by the non-refundable $20.00 application fee ($30.00 for international students).

Transcript Request Form [pdf]: Admissions to the Graduate School at the University of Louisiana at Monroe requires receipt of official transcripts from all institutions previously attended. This form may be used to request official transcripts from previous institutions and provides routing instructions for where at ULM those official transcripts should be submitted. *Although this form is provided by ULM, it may not be accepted as an official request from all other institutions. Applicants to ULM's Graduate School should check with their previous institutions and make sure request protocol is followed.*

Campus Immunization Form [pdf]: A requirement for all students beginning a new degree program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the immunization form should be filled out prior to enrollment and submitted to ULM Student Health Services (fax: 318-342.5239).

Admissions Status

Advising Flag Removal Form [pdf]: For students admitted under a non-degree status, the Advising Flag Removal form should be completed and submitted to the staff in the Graduate School (fax: 318-342.1042 or gradadmissions@ulm.edu). The student should submit a copy of this form prior to each semester in which they hope to enroll under a non-degree status. Upon receipt, the Graduate School staff will remove advising flags from student's account to enable registration for the upcoming term.

Change of Admission Status [pdf] : The Change of Admissions Status Form should be completed by graduate students who wish to change from a provisional (or non-degree seeking) to regular status following successful completion and submission of official GRE/GMAT scores or final transcripts. This form may also be used for students wishing to change the degree being pursued or minor/concentration areas. Form should be submitted to the Graduate School (fax: 318-342.1042 or gradadmissions@ulm.edu).

Curriculum / Major Professor / Committee

Degree Plan [pdf]: The Degree Plan should be submitted on behalf of the student by the major professor before the completion of 12 hours in an academic program of study. Once on file, this form will represent the student's degree requirements for graduation. Form will include a listing of all course requirements, including prerequisite and background courses, for successful completion of the degree. Form must be signed by the student's major professor, all committee members, and submitted to the Office of the Graduate School for approval by the Dean.

Major Professor Recommendation Form [pdf]: The Major Professor Recommendation Form is to be completed by the student's academic department head and submitted to the Office of the Graduate School for approval by the Dean. This form serves as the basis for appointment for a student's major professor for the duration of their current program of study. For student's requesting a change in major professor, the recommendation form should be resubmitted through the prescribed channels requesting the change.

Graduate Advisory Committee Request Form [pdf]: The Graduate Advisory Committee Request Form is to be completed by the student's major professor and submitted to the Office of the Graduate School for approval by the Dean. If a minor area is included in the student's program of study, at least one approved member from the Graduate Faculty should be included on the committee from area of study. Changes to an advisory committee must be recommended by the student's major professor to the Dean of the Graduate School.

Change of Degree Plan [pdf]: The Change of Degree Plan is to be submitted by a student's major professor when substitutions or corrections should be made to the courses currently listed on the official degree plan.

Graduate Council 

College Committee Recommendation Form [pdf]: This form should be used to inform the ULM Graduate Council on College Committee recommendations of graduate student appeals. Form must be submitted by the College Committee Chair to the Graduate Council no later than one week prior to the scheduled Graduate Council meeting.

Request for Time Extension [pdf]: To be filled out by the graduate student's major professor in the final semester of the filed degree plan when a student needs additional time to complete degree requirements. Must be approved by the Graduate Council and Dean of the Graduate School.


Research Information

Ensuring Protection of Human Research Subjects:
The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is designed to review, approve initiation of, and conduct periodic review of all research projects involving human subjects conducted by The University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) faculty, students, or staff (including collaborative projects with other institutions and agencies). For the Handbook, proposal information and deadlines, visit the Sponsored Programs and Research IRB webpage.

Care & Use of Laboratory Animals:
The Pharmacy vivarium has established procedures for the receiving and housing of experiment research animals.  These procedures are part of a series of protocols developed by the Vivarium management and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), based on the guidelines set forth in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. For the guide, proposal forms and information, visit the Pharmacy's Vivarium webpage.