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Application Materials (application and 3 letters of recommendation) should be submitted directly to the hiring supervisor for the position you are applying for. 


Spring 2018 Openings

College of Arts Education and Sciences  |  School of Education 
The School of Education is seeking a highly skilled education graduate research assistant to provide assistance facilitating various projects related to our SACS evaluations, CAEP accreditation visit, orchestrate the PK16 Advisory Council, undergraduate programs redesign, and implementation of Shared Governance and Believe and Prepare Grants.

This graduate assistant will assist in grading particularly during the time period leading up to the fall 2017 accreditation visit and immediately thereafter.  Additionally this qualified education graduate assistant will serve as a guide and information source for the CAEP Standard 5 person; therefore this graduate assistant will be expected to become knowledgeable about CAEP Accreditation. Please apply with the School of Education in Walker Hall 2-37 or bpugh@ulm.edu.