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Health Studies Student Awards

Each spring semester the Department of Health Studies will recognize two outstanding Health Studies students for an Outstanding Academic Award and an Emerging Leader Award. The recipients will be acknowledged by a certificate and informal reception held by the Health Studies department.

Outstanding Academic Award

Spring 2014 Academic Awards

Outstanding Academic Awards in Health Studies for maintaining a cumulative  GPA of 3.0 or higher and a 3.5 HLST GPA or greater; From left to right: Devonte West, Natasha Sedminik, Michelle Horath, Lindsay Hinton, Lori Calhoun and Sherry White. Students not present that received awards:  Marla Dean, Brikea Searile, Emily Weeks and Virginia Neal.

Purpose: This award is designed to recognize an outstanding student's academic achievements at ULM and in the Department of Health Studies. The recipient must demonstrate outstanding academic standing.

Award criteria:

Recognition: Awards will be determined based on a score comprised of the combination of the cumulative GPA and HLST GPA. The student with the highest overall combination score will receive the award.

Emerging Leader Award

Purpose: This award is designed to recognize a student as an emerging leader in healthcare by demonstrating excellence in the Practicum II experience (HLST 4003). The student must demonstrate quality leadership attributes in the healthcare environment.

Award criteria:

- Effective Communication
- Teamwork
- Flexibility
- Initiative
- Creativity
- Perseverance

Recognition: Each Health Studies faculty member will make nominations to the Health Studies Department Head. Based on these nominations, the Health Studies faculty and Department Head will determine the recipient of the award.