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Practicum II

Important Dates for Registration

Student must meet with Dr. Paula Griswold (griswold@ulm.edu or complete contact info) in advance of submission of the Practicum II form to assure that all requirements have been met.

Fall Deadline: This form must be submitted by October 1 in order for the student to register for Practicum II (HLST 4003) in Spring.

Spring Deadline:  This form must be submitted by March 1 in order for the student to register for Practicum II (HLST 4003) in Fall and Summer.

Please do not register for Practicum II without the consent of the Health Studies department.

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Healthcare Practicum II Information

Information about the Healthcare Practicum II course .pdf

Healthcare Practicum II Practicum Manual .pdf
This manual provides background on course requirements and options for completion.

Healthcare Practicum II Intent to Register Form .pdf
Please complete and return this form to the Practicum II Coordinator at least one semester prior to registering for the course.

Current Listing of Approved Practicum II Sites .pdf


Dr. Dolecheck-Program Director for Health Studies and Dr. Griswold-Practicum Coordinator for Health Studies 

Practicum II Student Project Examples

Employee Recognition Program – Student developed  and presented an “Employee Recognition Program” to the Employee Recognition Committee.  The student also designed  an internal commercial/video for the site.  The student was asked to present the project to the hospital executive board.

QM Hospice Program – Student researched and implemented a Quality Management Program with a hospice agency.  This was a new program for hospice agency and is required under the new healthcare laws.  The student was offered employment  in Quality Management and Volunteer Services.

Hospital Marketing – The student completed their practicum  at a specialty hospital.  Student worked directly with the marketing director at a specialty hospital and learned how to manage and update their hospital website. In addition, the student planned and arranged a commercial for their new robotics surgery.  This included finding commercial vendors and places to shoot the commercial.  This was a major project and involved significant funding.

Children's Advocacy Agency – Student planned and coordinated a “Healthy People Event” for the community.  Over 1500 local residents were in attendance.  The event exceeded the agency’s expectations.

Quality Management – Students worked with Quality Management department at a local hospital.  The student’s project involved educating nurses and other healthcare professionals on documentation required for certain immunizations under the quality measures initiatives.  The student also learned how to abstract patient charts.  This student was offered and accepted a job in the Compliance Department with an insurance company working on projects similar to what was learned during practicum.

Town Hall - Student is planning and organizing a “Town Hall” event for the employees at Outpatient Care Center/Surgical Care Affiliates.

Public Health - Student is working to plan, budget, and advertise a Syphilis Awareness Project at Northwest Louisiana Regional Office of Public Health in conjunction with the CDC.

Affordable Care Act - Student is training to become a Certified Application Counselor under the Affordable Care Act at Delhi Hospital.

Suicide Prevention - Student is designing a marketing strategy for “Out of Darkness Walk” for suicide prevention to the Monroe community for ULM Counseling Center.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Student at Springhill Medical Center prepared a PowerPoint for a local physician on Breast Cancer Awareness.