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HOW TO: Your video guide to simplifying
access to ULM's student resources!

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How to login to MyULM

What you'll learn: How to login to myULM using your ULM username and password.
(Time: 2:48)
How to check my bill

What you'll learn: How to check and understand your ULM tuition bill.
(Time: 4:07)

Financial Aid: how to complete required documentation

What you'll learn: How to access and view needed paperwork for financial aid requests processing.
(Time: 2:14)

How to navigate MyULM


What you'll learn: How to navigate the myULM portal.
(Time: 3:15)


How to pay my bill

What you'll learn: 
How to understand payment options; approve your bill and use the onscreen walk-throughs for each online payment process.
(Time: 5:59)
Financial Aid: how to accept awards

What you'll learn: How to see which loans, grants, scholarships, etc., are awarded and how to accept those awards. (Time: 2:49)

How to login to banner

What you'll learn: How to login to Banner using your ULM Campus-Wide ID and password.
(Time: 2:58)

How to check transfer credit equivalency

What you'll learn: 
How to determine what college credits earned will transfer to ULM, and if they can be applied to the transfer student's major at ULM.
(Time: 5:52)

How does waitlisting work

What you'll learn: How to put a closed course on a waiting list in Banner.
(Time: 2:34)