Current Students: Student Listserv

The LEC-L listserv is available for students to communicate with one another. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions on the listserv. The student listserv,, serves LEC students only. In order to post messages on the listserv you must be a LEC student and subscribe (no cost) to the listserv. If you are receiving messages from the listserv you are a subscribing member. The listserv will only allow postings from the email account through which you subscribed.
The LEC faculty communicates through a separate listserv, The LEC faculty does not have access to read or post to the student listserv. Likewise, students do not have access to read or post to the faculty listserv.

If you are an LEC student or alumni and would like to subscribe to the listserv, email Becky Callaway -

Messages targeting both faculty and students should be sent to the ADS president, Jennifer Harris -, who can relay messages to both listservs.

A separate listserv has been established for LEC students who have finished all but dissertation (ABD).

Contact Becky Callaway -, for more information.

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