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Off-Campus Access (Remote Access)

Databases (journal, newspaper, and encyclopedia articles)

Many of the sources in our databases are available online in full text. To log in to the databases from off-campus, simply enter your username (CWID) and PIN (birth date in MMYY format) when prompted. The log in screen typically looks like this:

off campus login example

Here is a video showing what logging in from off campus looks like:

Databases that require accounts created on campus

For some accounts, you must create an account while on campus (residence halls not included). If you can not come to campus, we can create accounts for you. These include:

RIA Tax Services
LearningExpress Library

Databases that do not work off-campus

College Source Online (catalogs)

Free Resources

There are some free resources that we recommend:

Directory of Open Access Journals
Louisiana Digital Library

Reference help

If you need help searching the databases or anything else, you can give us a call at the Reference desk at (318) 342-1071, email us at reference@ulm.edu, or use our online Ask A Librarian form to send us a message.

General Troubleshooting

Are you unable to connect to our resources? Here are some things to consider:

    • Are you attempting access directly from the ULM website? Bookmarking a page in a database doesn't work the same way as most "internet" resources. In most of our databases, the link is just temporary and will not work the next time you access the same link. To ensure that this doesn't happen, try using a "permalink," "PURL," or just copy and paste the citation information.
    • What browser are you using? Every browser handles information differently. The most-used browsers often work well (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). It is also important to use the latest version of your browser of choice.
    • Do you have cookies turned on/off? Cookies should be turned on.

Cannot Access your EBSCO Folder?

In April 2013 the Library got a new EZproxy server to improve off-campus access and fix some problems with EBSCO: EBSCO Folder accounts created on campus wouldn't work off-campus or vice versa. Now new folder accounts will work both on and off campus.

What if you made a folder account off-campus before then and can't access it? There are two ways to get your citations out.

The old off-campus EBSCO link and the new one lead to 2 different versions of EBSCOhost (which is why you can't reach your old account on or off campus). The easy way to tell the difference is to look at the upper right-hand corner when you are in EBSCO. If you see ULM's logo, that is correct. If you only see a LOUIS logo, that is the old link.

Ebsco main page, indicating ULM logo

Option #1: Get the citations without a new folder

If you just want to get the citations but don't want a new folder account at this time, you can use the "Email," "Save as File," and "Export" option to save them somewhere else. Use the old "LOUIS" link to EBSCO and log into your account from off-campus (won't work on campus) to access your folder:
Select the items you want to save, and look for these:

Ebsco folder options

Option #2: Get a new folder account

  1. Create a new folder account with a new email (different from your other account) on the new EBSCO link (with the ULM logo):
  2. Use this old "LOUIS" link to EBSCO and log into your account from off-campus (won't work on campus):
  3. Look at the far left of your folder account. Under My Custom, click "new" to make a new folder and name it. Then look at your account, select all of your items, and put them in the folder with "copy to" or "move to." This is what you're looking for:

    EBsco creating new folder

  4. Once all the items you want are in the new folder, click "share" under that folder. Then sent an invitation to share that folder to your new ULM EBSCO account, using the email you used to make it. Here are more detailed instructions on sharing folders: http://support.epnet.com/knowledge_base/detail.php?id=3749
  5. An email invite should arrive in your inbox. Read it and follow its instructions. Log in to your new account again (using the new EBSCO link), and accept the sharing invite. Now you can access your old saved citations and your new folder account will be the same on and off campus from now on.