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Two classes getting to know each other on professional practicum orientation day.

Medical Laboratory Science Class of 2016

Meet the new students in our medical laboratory science program. These ten students will graduate in May 2017.

Molds must be visualized microscopically once they are grown on culture media. This student is performing a lactophenol cotton blue stain to visualize the mold's microscopic structures.

Rebekah Landry performing an erythrocyte sedimentation rate procedure while an experienced medical laboratory scientist oversees.

Graduating Class of 2015 with MLS faculty

Courtney Boothe processing patient blood and urine samples on a chemistry analyzer.

Students will spend hours reading patient specimen culture plates for important pathogens.

Patricia Enriquez visualizes red blood cells during a crossmatch procedure

Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) is defined as the branch of medicine concerned with the performance of laboratory determinations and analyses used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. This profession combines the challenges and rewards of medicine and science.

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The Medical Laboratory Science Department administers the MLS program under the auspices of ULM's College of Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The program is a minimum four-year curriculum, which includes a solid foundation in basic sciences, a broad background in medical laboratory science with several specialized courses, and sufficient non-science courses to provide the student with a well-rounded education.

News and Announcements

The Louisiana Board of Regents has approved the continuation of ULM’s Medical Laboratory Science Program.

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Medical Laboratory Science brings Crucial Data to Healthcare

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Collaborative plan supports ULM's Medical Laboratory Science program

Career and Job Opportunities


100% of ULM Medical Laboratory Science graduates are employed within 3 months of graduation.