Standard 1

1a. Content Knowledge for Teacher Candidates.
1b. Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Skills for Teacher Candidates.
1c. Professional and Pedagogical Knowledge and Skills for Teacher Candidates.
1d. Student Learning for Teacher Candidates.
1e. Knowledge and Skills of Other School professionals
1f. Student Learning of Other School professionals
1g. Professional Dispositions for All Candidates.
Conceptual Framework
Standard 1
Standard 2
Standard 3
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Standard 5
Standard 6
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Exhibits Name


Exhibit 1a1.1 Initial Teacher Candidate Content PRAXIS Pass Rate for 2006-2009

Exhibit 1a2.1 Undergraduate GPA analysis

Exhibit 1a2.2 MAT Waiver

Exhibit 1a2.3 Transcript Analysis

Exhibit 1a2.4 Content Knowledge Based Lesson Plan rubric & data

Exhibit 1a2.5 MAT Final Assessment Content Knowledge

Exhibit 1a3.1 Degree Requirements

Exhibit 1a3.2 M.Ed degree programs

Exhibit 1a3.3 Advanced Program Grade Analysis

Exhibit 1a3.4 M.Ed Content Knowledge Signature Assessment Scores

Exhibit 1a3.5 LEC Signature Assessment Data

Exhibit 1a4.1 Administrator & Graduate Follow Up Survey

Exhibit 1c1.1 Undergraduate Signature Assessment Description, Rubrics and Data

Exhibit 1b1.1 MAT Signature Assessment Description, Rubric & Data

Exhibit 1b2.1 M.Ed. Signature Assessment, Description, Rubric & Data

Exhibit 1c2.1 Assessment Related to Family and Community

Exhibit 1d1.1 Assessment to student learning

Exhibit 1g1.1 B.S., M.A.T., M.Ed Disposition Instrument & Data

Exhibits 1g1.2 Other School Professional Disposition