3a. Collaboration between Unit and School Partners
3b. Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice
3c. Candidates’ Development and Demonstration of Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Dispositions to Help All Students Learn
Conceptual Framework
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Standard 2
Standard 3
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Standard 5
Standard 6
State Standard




Exhibit 3a1.1 Unit Partners

Exhibit 3a2.1 Unit’s Partners Contribution to Design, Delivery, and Evaluation of Field and Clinical Experiences

Exhibit 3a3.1 Roles of Unit/Partners for Field and Clinical Placements

Exhibit 3a4.1 Unit and School Partners Sharing Expertise and Resources to Support Field and Clinical Experiences

Exhibit 3b1.1 Entry and Exit Requirements for Clinical Practice

Exhibit 3b2.1 Field Experience Required for Each Program

Exhibit 3b3.1 Description of Field experience & Assessment

Exhibit 3b4.1 Candidates use of Technology During Field Experience

Exhibit 3b5.1 Criteria Used in the Selection of School Based Clinical Faculty

Exhibit 3b6.1 Preparation for School-Based Faculty Members

Exhibit 3b7.1 Clinical Faculty Provide Regular and Continuous Support

Exhibit 3b8.1 Analysis of Data and Current Research Requirements

Exhibit 3c1.1 Clinical Practice Completers

Exhibit 3c2.1 Roles of candidates, university supervisors, and clinical faculty in assessing candidate performance

Exhibit 3c3.1 Reflection and Feedback from Peers and Clinical Faculty

Exhibit 3c4.1 Multiple Assessment of Knowledge, Skill and Professional Disposition During Field Experience

Exhibit 3c5.1 Candidates Collect and Analyze Data on Student Learning

Exhibit 3c6.1 Field Experience that includes students with exceptionalities from diverse background