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Recruiting and Admission Policies; Publications and Related Materials

Standard(s) Supported

6.a Unit Leadership and Authority

Unit Documentation

This exhibit documents the unit’s recruiting and admission policies. brochures, posters, online applications, are examples of the recruiting efforts put forth by the CEHD.

Source of Information

The sources of information for this information were: University Office of Recruitment, Dr. Jack Palmer Director of Graduate Studies for the CEHD, department heads in Kinesiology, Curriculum and Instruction, and Psychology.

Exhibit Contents

This exhibit presents several examples of recruiting and admission efforts by the unit.

(1) Department flyers

(2) Recruitment & Admissions

(3) Admissions Application Guide

(5) “TEACH Delta Region” an Alternative Certification Program

(6) Strategic Plan

(7) Departmental Websites

(8) Undergradaute & Graduate Catalogs