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Activities of the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council are supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Louisiana State Arts Council, and the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

Northeast Louisiana
Arts Council
About the Awards

Many businesses, volunteers, and artists have significantly impacted the cultural landscape of northeast Louisiana. In 1985, to acknowledge these contributions, the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council established awards of merit which are presented on an annual basis. Arts organizations from the 11 parishes comprising Cultural Region 8 nominate businesses, volunteers, and artists whose contributions have impacted the arts in their communities and the region at large.

The BART Award, the Business Art Award, the oldest of the awards, was established in 1985. Nominees should be businesses or corporations that have made philanthropic contributions which have significantly impacted the success of the cultural programs of organizations in Region 8.

Named for the artist credited with bringing art to the masses through his art in public spaces, the Edmund Williamson Award honoring the Artist of the Year Award was established in 1993 to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of individual artists to the quality of life in northeast Louisiana. Nominees should be professional artists who have shown excellence in their discipline and have enriched the Arts community in Cultural Region 8 through their art form.

Established in 1988, the Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an individual's service to the development of the cultural arts in our


community. Nominees should hold leadership positions or share a particular expertise which substantially impacts an organization's contributions to the quality of the cultural life in Region 8.

Established in 1992, the Mary Lee Milam Award is the only award whose recipient is chosen exclusively by the Arts Council’s Board of Directors. Recipients of the award must have actively displayed enthusiasm, leadership, initiative and dedication from which the arts organizations and cultural community in Region 8 have obviously benefitted. The Mary Lee Milam Award is very special in that it is given only when an individual or organization has performed service of such value that it has had a dynamic impact on the cultural face of our regional community.

In 1999, at the request of the Arts Awards Selection Panel, a special award was created to only be awarded at the panel’s discretion and therefore not necessarily awarded annually. Because this award will only be presented under extraordinary circumstances, it is not intended to diminish the contributions of the award recipient in the category from which the honoree is selected. The Service to the Arts Award (SART) is presented to a nominee who, in the selection panel’s opinion, merits distinction because of the exemplary nature of their sense of community, dedication, enthusiasm, leadership, loyalty, pride, service, and tenacity.

Previous Recipients of the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council Arts Awards
1986 International Minerals & Chemicals BART
1987 Central Bank BART
1988 F. Strauss Interests BART
1989 News-Star BART
Vickie Krutzer Volunteer of the Year
1990 KTVE-TV 10 BART
Dr. D. H. Clark Volunteer of the Year
1991 Ouachita Citizen BART
Jamie Pettway Volunteer of the Year
Bastrop National Bank Regional
1992 Century Telephone BART
Tommy Usrey Volunteer of the Year
Grace Reese Regional
Frances Guthrie Mary Lee Milam
1993 Pecanland Mall BART
Georgiann Potts Volunteer of the Year
Evelyn Boone Regional
Dr. Richard Worthington Edmund Williamson
1994 Premier Bank BART
Carolyn Little Volunteer of the Year
Allein Watson Regional
Dr. George Brian Edmund Williamson
Frances Adcock Mary Lee Milam
1995 Central Bank BART
Joy Marshall Volunteer of the Year
Naomi Cordill Regional
Cynthia Warner Edmund Williamson
1996 Ouachita Coca-Cola BART
Fair Hyams Volunteer of the Year
Eleanor Hatfield Regional Volunteer of the Year
First Republic Bank, Rayville Regional Business
Cathy Webb Edmund Williamson
University of Louisiana - Monroe Mary Lee Milam
1997 Entergy BART
Richland State Bank Regional BART
Merle Brennen Volunteer of the Year
Alwine Ragland Regional Volunteer of the Year
Linda Lavender Ford Edmund Williamson
1998 Outback Steakhouse BART
Eloise Stanhope Volunteer of the Year
Mary Jane Mullin Regional Volunteer of the Year
Hibernia, Lake Providence Regional BART
Margaret Ellerman Edmund Williamson
Chris Ringham Mary Lee Milam
1999 Hibernia National Bank BART
LaVerne Bodron Volunteer of the Year
Earl Tarver Regional Volunteer of the Year
Cordill Propane Regional BART
Lee Estes Edmund Williamson
Percy Kottenbrook / Johnnie Usrey Service to the Arts (posthumously)
2000 Holyfield Construction BART
Robert Martin Volunteer of the Year
Marie Keahey Regional Volunteer of the Year
Cross Keys Bank Regional BART
Elmarie Wessels Edmund Williamson
Nan Cogburn Service to the Arts
Sarah Johnson Mary Lee Milam
2001 DeltaStyle Magazine BART
Diane Howard Volunteer of the Year
Louisa Petrus Regional Volunteer of the Year
Tensas State Bank Regional BART
Edmund Williamson Edmund Williamson
Roger Held Service to the Arts
June Strausser Mary Lee Milam
2002 Marsala Beverage BART
Gretchen Dean & Carolyn Seegers Volunteer of the Year
Mary Belle & Owen White Regional Volunteer of the Year
KNOE Regional BART
Don Cincone Edmund Williamson
Bill Street Mary Lee Milam
2003 Albritton Photography BART
Monroe Symphony League Volunteer of the Year
Juanita Cochran Regional Volunteer of the Year
The Franklin Sun Regional BART
Roger Jones Edmund Williamson
Naomi Cordill Mary Lee Milam
2004 Iberia Bank BART
Charlotte Crawford Volunteer of the Year
Margaret Dosher Regional Volunteer of the Year
Something Special Antiques Regional BART
Rebecca Dodson-Webster Edmund Williamson
KEDM FM90.3 Mary Lee Milam
2005 Winnsboro State Bank BART
Norma Hickman Volunteer of the Year
Coralie White Edmund Williamson
Dot Bassett Mary Lee Milam


Martin Brothers, Inc. BART
Susan Lolley Volunteer of the Year
Sandra Lunte & Richard Seiler Artist of the Year
Timmie Ray Thames Mary Lee Milam
2008 Opus Broadcasting BART
Bill Rambin Volunteer of the Year
Cliff Tresner Artist of the Year
Linda Lavendar Ford Mary Lee Milam
2009 BancorpSouth BART
Gregory Hudgins Volunteer of the Year
Brad Arender Artist of the Year
Jamie Pettway Mary Lee Milam
2010 Louisiana Plastic Industries, Inc BART
Patti Wilhite Volunteer of the Year
Leaia Caver Alsup Edmund Williamson
Mare Brennan Mary Lee Milam
2011 Community Trust Bank BART
Marilyn Koepke Volunteer of the Year
Wayne Gentry Edmund Williamson
Brian Fassett Mary Lee Milam
2012 Brennan Dodge Chrysler Jee BART
Scott Frick Volunteer of the Year
Missy Crain Edmund Williamson
Missy Crain Mary Lee Milam
2013 Creed & Creed Law Offices BART
Jeanine Ballance Paton Volunteer of the Year
Clay Couturiaux Edmund Williamson
Georgia Street Mary Lee Milam