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Public Information

Shooting Video/Photos/News Stories on the ULM Campus

The news media, photographers, and videographers are welcome on the ULM campus and ULM's Office of Public Information is available to assist reporters and crews in the news gathering process.

As a courtesy, please contact the Office of Public Information, 318-342-5440, for assistance and guidance when on campus.

Media Relations Contacts

ULM's Media Relations Office assists members of the news media with the latest campus news by issuing press releases and media advisories.

To be on ULM's news contact list to receive releases and advisories, please send your contact information (names, e-mail, fax, and phone number) to Kiwana Sutton, Media Relations Specialist, at 318-342-5445 or ksutton@ulm.edu

Media Relations can also help your news organization with commentary through our Media Experts List. For more information, please call the Office of Public Information at 318-342-5440.

To add any of ULM's Media Relations contacts directly into your smart device, just scan the QR code next to each contact.

 Kiwana Sutton Contact QR Code