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School of Pharmacy Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Each year the School of Pharmacy wishes to acknowledge the exceptional academic and research accomplishments achieved by graduating doctoral students in the School of Pharmacy.

Doctoral students who have earned their Ph.D. within a given academic year are automatically eligible for the Outstanding Graduate Student Award. The award will be given at the end of the Spring semester at the School of Pharmacy Awards Ceremony. Students who have graduated in the preceding Fall semester and have left ULM are still eligible to receive this award.

Eligible candidates for this award will be evaluated based on their academic and research performance during their doctoral training at ULM School of Pharmacy. The Graduate Studies Committee in the School of Pharmacy will be responsible for evaluating the candidates and selecting the most deserving winner of the award. Winners of the award will be given an award plaque.

Evaluation Criteria and Priority Calculations

A.  Number of Publications/Individual Predoctoral Fellowships (70% priority)

First author peer reviewed score = number x 1.0
First author non-peer reviewed score = number x 0.3
Co-author peer reviewed score = number x 0.2
Co-author non-peer reviewed score = number x 0.1
First Author Presentation (National) score = number x 0.3
First Author Presentation (Regional) score = number x 0.2
Co-Author Presentation (National) score = number x 0.1
Co-Author Presentation (Regional) score = number x 0.1
Individual Predoctoral Fellowships score = number x 0.5
Final Score Accumulative Score x 7


B.  Academic Performance (20% priority) - Final Score = GPA x 2

C.  Character, Awards, Service (10% priority) - Final Score = Character Score x 1

This is subjective performance evaluation based on letters of recommendation that address a student's performance in teaching, leadership, attitude, mentoring, awards, honors, etc.  The committee will give the student a score between 0-10 based on performance.