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Competency Statements/Educational Outcomes

4.  Identify, Interpret, and Evaluate Literature Needed for the Provision of Drug Information and Pharmaceutical Care.

A.  Define the question that needs to be answered. (13)

B.  Distinguish among lay, professional, and scientific literature.  (14)

C.  Identify appropriate literature search engines for lay, professional, and scientific literature.  (15)

D.  Explain the method to construct an appropriate search strategy for various literature types.  (16)

E.  Evaluate Literature source validity.  (17)

F.  Explain methods for systematically evaluating literature.  (18)

G.  Evaluate the appropriateness of research methodologies and statistical methods.  (19)

H.  Draw appropriate conclusions from research results.  (20)

I.  Assess the potential impace and implication of published information on current practices.  (21)