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Competency Statements/Educational Outcomes

5.  Promote Health Improvement and Self-Care.

A.  Promote/participate in effective health and disease prevention services as part of patient or population specific care.  (22)

i.    Identify health and disease prevention services needed.

ii.   Identify available health care resources (e.g., personal, education, financial, equipment) necessary to provide services.

iii.  Identify a mechanism to promote the availability and benefits of service (e.g. marketing).

iv.  Develop patient/population specific services. (e.g., ASHP service development pub)

v.   Collect data on effectiveness (e.g., reception by patients, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness).

vi.  Evaluate the effectiveness of health improvement and disease prevention services.

B.  Collaborate with policy makers, health care providers, members of the community and administrative and support personnel to identify and resolve health problems and evaluate health policy.  (23)

i.    Discuss the process of health care policy development.

ii.   Define the role of government and community charitable organizations in defining health care policy.

iii.  Define the importance of health care research in the development of health care policy.  (e.g., clinical trials, health care economics, epidemiology, outcomes)

iv.  Demonstrate an awareness of public health problems at local, state, national, and international levels.

v.   Discuss strategies to impact and/or influence health care policy.

vi.  Describe the impact of health care policy on research initiatives.