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Competency Statements/Educational Outcomes

6.  Think Critically.

A.  Identify, retrieve, understand, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information needed to make informed, rational, and ethical decisions.  (24)

i.    Systematically gather, organize, and extract relevant information using a variety of methods and research tools.

ii.   Analyze information within appropriate scientific, social, and clinical contexts.

a. Identify principles of organization and the logic of arguments.

b.  Identify and test assumptions, biases, and prejudices implicit in arguments.

c.  Employ appropriate mathematical and statistical tools and electronic technology to analyze information.

d.  Assess accuracy, soundness, fairness, significance, relevance, completeness, and persuasiveness of information, arguments, and sources.  (consider difference between information and the information source)

iii.  Synthesize information in order to draw conclusions, hypothesize, conjecture alternatives, or plan a course of action.

iv.  Evaluate conclusions and solutions according to appropriate criteria, and revise as necessary.

v.   Provide support for rationale, solutions, and results.

B.  Solve complex problems that require an integration of one's ideas and values within a context of scientific, social, cultural, legal, clinical, and ethical issues.  (25)

i.    Interpret problems within appropriate contexts.

ii.   Prioritize problems based on identifiable criteria and standards.

iii.  Apply systematic problem-solving strategies.

iv.  Articulate and implement a defensible solution and apply appropriate criteria to monitor outcomes.

v.   Implement modifications based on monitoring data.

C.  Display habits, attitudes, and values associated with mature critical thinking.  (26)

i.    Evaluate personal assumptions, biases, prejudices, and opinions.

ii.   Display an openness to new ideas and a tolerance for ambiguity.

iii.  Display inquisitiveness and commitment to the pursuit of truth.

iv.  Adopt multiple perspectives in personal thinking to avoid ethno-centricity and intolerance.