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Competency Statements/Educational Outcomes

7.  Demonstrate Appropriate Interpersonal, Professional and Ethical Behaviors.

A.  Maintain professional competence.  (27)

i.    Continually strive to maintain knowledge and maintain professional competence.

ii.   Continually assess his or her learning needs and develop the ability to respond appropriately.

B.  Represent the profession in an ethical manner.  (28)

C.  Identify, analyze, and resolve ethical problems involved in pharmacy practice.  (29)

D.  Provide service to the profession and the community.  (30)

E.  Collaborate proactively with other health care professionals.  (31)

F.  Practice in a manner that is consistent with state and federal laws and regulations.  (32)

G.  Accept the responsibilities embodied in the principles of pharmaceutical care.  (33)

H.  Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal, intergroup, and cross-cultural behaviors that promote respect and trust from peers, patients, and community members.  (34)