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Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum Requirements

Students applying to the School of Pharmacy must meet the following academic requirements:

Area of Study/Required Courses Semester Credits
     Microbiology with lab 4
     Human or comparative anatomy with lab AND 8
     Human or mammalian physiology with lab
     Cell biology or cell physiology 3
     Genetics 3

     Economics 3

     Inorganic chemistry with lab 8
     Organic chemistry with lab 8
     Biochemistry 3

     English composition 6
     Technical writing 3

     Public Speaking 3

     Calculus 3
     Statistics 3

     General physics with lab 4

     Humanities 9
     Social Sciences 3
     Fine Arts 3

Additional Information

  • Student must complete sufficient course work in these areas to meet the Louisiana Board of Regents core curriculum requirements.
  • Students initially enrolled at ULM must also meet the University's core curriculum requirements.  Some courses required above may meet the Board of Regents and/or University core curriculum requirements.
  • Course work completed more than ten years prior to admission date cannot be used to satisfy prepharmacy requirements and will be excluded from all evaluations and grade point calculations associated with the professional program admission process.
  • To inquire about possible appeals, please contact the School of Pharmacy's Director of the Office of Student and Professional Affairs at 318-342-3800 or email Mary Caldwell.