How To Register A Vehicle

Every vehicle that is operated on the University must be registered. Registration must be accomplished at the Activity/Intramural Center the first week of school and then at the ULM Police Department located at 3811 Desiard Street. Vehicle use fees must be paid with your tuition or at the LaCap Credit Union located on campus. No forms of payment are accepted at the police department.


You will need the following information and documents when registering your vehicle: 

  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate (License Plate/ V.I.N. Number)

  2. ULM Identification Card (CWID #)

  3. Driver's License



The official ULM Parking Permit MUST BE displayed on the rear windshield of the vehicle. The permit must be displayed with the permit attached to the outside lower left side of the back window. Attachment to the window will not deface the window, and the decal can be easily removed after use. DISPLAY OF THE PERMIT IN ANY OTHER MANNER WILL RESULT IN A PARKING CITATION FOR IMPROPER DISPLAY OF DECAL.