Excessive Violations and Immobilization/Towing of Vehicles

 Any vehicle with four (4) or more violations within a semester or summer session is considered to have “excessive violations.”  The vehicle will be immobilized by attaching a "boot" device to one of the vehicle’s wheels.

The device will be removed by University Police after a boot removal fee of $100 AND all outstanding citations (up to $300) are paid.

If a violator has in excess of $300 in citations, the violator may sign a promissory note agreeing to pay the remaining balance within 60 days. If the violator fails to pay the remaining balance or receives another citation, the violator’s parking privileges will be revoked and the vehicle will be subject to impoundment.

The immobilization boot may remain attached to the vehicle for up to 72 hours. If arrangements to pay the parking fine and boot removal fee are not made within that time, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense without notice. There is no appeal process for the immobilization and/or towing of vehicles. The immobilizing and/or towing of vehicles illegally parked shall be at the discretion of UPD.

Vehicles immobilized with a boot are added to a Vehicle Immobilization List. Subsequent violations will result in the vehicle being immobilized without notice as well as a parking citation.

If a vehicle has been immobilized a second time within a semester, the operator is notified in writing that he or she is prohibited from operating any vehicle on campus for the remainder of that semester. If the vehicle is observed operating or parking on campus, the vehicle will be impounded at the operator’s expense without notice.

A vehicle parked legally on campus that creates a safety problem or hazard, or that may endanger campus safety, is subject to immobilization. Examples include: persons who operate a vehicle on campus while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; University Police securing a vehicle involved in a criminal act when the owner/operator cannot be located; owner/operator's request to immobilize to prevent the vehicle from being stolen. No Boot Removal Fee is assessed when using this type of prevention measure.

Removing, disabling or damaging the immobilization device is a violation under State law and may lead to criminal prosecution.

The University reserves the right to cite and tow any vehicle at the owner's expense that creates an immediate geographical or safety problem or hazard; is parked illegally in a fire lane or handicapped space; or is obstructing traffic on a campus roadway.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is not liable for any damage to vehicles occurring during towing, impoundment, or when immobilized through the use of a wheel lock.

The university adheres to and follows Louisiana state law regarding the immobilization of vehicles.