Crime Prevention


University Police officers participate in seminars and workshops available to all students, faculty, and staff on a regular basis. The Director, or his designated representative, gives a crime awareness-safety security presentation at the beginning of each semester to all residence hall members as well as during student parent and new employee orientations. Topics available for discussion include:

  • General Crime Prevention
  • Identify Your Property
  • Bicycle Security
  • Rape Awareness and Sexual Assault. 

Information concerning safety and security is regularly provided to students, faculty and staff by the use of seminars and workshops; crime alert bulletins; crime prevention posters and brochures; KXUL, the University radio Station; Smoke Signals, the employee newsletter; and the Hawkeye, the student weekly newspaper. 

A University Police Escort service is available from dusk to dawn for the safety of anyone walking alone on campus at night. This service is available for anyone at any time during weekends, holidays, and during summer sessions. This information is presented at all residence hall orientations. 

One full-time investigator staffs the Investigation/Crime Prevention section; however, officers who have received specialized training in several major crime areas supplement the area as required. Programs available through this section are Crime Prevention and Awareness, Sexual Assault Presentations, Identify Your Property, Abuse of Alcohol and other drugs and Controlled Substances. 

Proper lighting and building security are major factors in determining crime on campus. The University Physical Plant Director maintains the University buildings and grounds with a concern for safety and security. The Director, or his representative, inspects campus facilities regularly, authorizes repairs as quickly as possible affecting safety and security, and responds to reports of potential safety and security hazards, such as broken locks and windows. 

The University Police Department assists Physical Plant personnel by reporting potential safety and security hazards on a regular basis. Students, faculty and staff may also report any safety and security hazards by calling 318-342-5170 or 318-342-5350.The ULM campus is routinely inspected by a University Safety Committee which walks and inspects the entire campus to review lighting and other environmental concerns for safety and security.

Most University facilities are open to the public during the day and evening hours when classes are in session. During the times that the University buildings are closed, only faculty and staff are allowed entry. With proper authorization, students are allowed access.