University Police Services

Police Escort Service  

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors on ULM campus can utilize the free services of the UPD escort service if they do not wish to walk alone.

Persons who do not wish to walk alone can call 318-342-5350 and request an escort. Employee or volunteer escorts will arrive within ten-fifteen minutes at any ULM campus location and escort persons on foot to their campus destination.


Battery Boost /Door Unlock 

If your car's battery has died, and you need a cable start, or, if you have locked your keys inside your car (hey, it happens, right?), call campus University Police at ext. 5350 or use the emergency (red phone) phone for assistance, because we may be able to help. Be sure to note where you are calling from, what type of vehicle you have, and where you would like the officer to meet you to assist you.


Fingerprinting/Passport Photos 

ULM PD provides manual fingerprinting services that may be required as a condition of employment, licensing, certification, foreign adoptions or VISA/Immigration clearances. ULM PD provides services for Passport photos.

Fingerprinting/Passport photos are available Monday through Thursday  7 am - 230 pm and Friday 7 am - 1100 am on a walk-in basis at the University Police Station located at 3811 Desiard St..


  1. A fingerprint processing fee of $15.00 (plus any Dept of Justice fees) is required. Please go by LACAP Federal Credit Union on Northeast Dr., pay the fingerprint fee, and bring the receipt to ULM Police.
  2. Passport photos are $15.00.


Event Security 

ULM PD provides event security for all events hosted on university property and/or by the university as per University Policy.

All events, whether security is needed or not, must be cleared with ULM PD at least two weeks prior to the event. Unauthorized events will forced to shut down until proper security has been obtained.

The Request for Police Services Form can be found here.

You may contact the services coordinator, Det. Kevin Bonner, by email at or by telephone at 318-342-5350, should you have any questions.


Concealed Handgun Course  

ULM PD offers a NRA Personal Protection Course through the Continuing Education program and fulfills the training requirement for those wishing to apply for the Louisiana Concealed Handgun License. This class is open to anyone wanting to learn how to use a firearm safely. Topics covered include concealed carry law, shoot-don’t shoot, gun safety and more. Click here for more information.


Public Presentations

To further our continuing crime prevention and awareness programming at the University of Louisiana Monroe, UPD makes available personnel to any interested university-affiliated group or organization. Organizations not connected to the university are also welcome on an as-time-permits basis. We can address any issue on safety or security and custom-tailor the presentation to fit your specific needs.

Presentations can cover issues such as:

  • alcohol/drug awareness
  • personal safety issues
  • home safety and security
  • residence hall safety and security
  • property theft prevention
  • sexual assault awareness issues
  • work safety
  • fire safety
  • and others upon request.

We will utilize our resources and coordinate with other departments and organizations that may be able to provide assistance.

If you are interested in having a presentation, you can use one of the following methods to contact us:

Call the UPD Crime Prevention Unit at 318-342-5455.