Sexual Assault Info

Sexual Assaults: Reporting a Rape or Sexual Assault


Important Telephone Numbers

ULM Counseling Center


Monroe YWCA Rape Crisis


ULM Director of Student Life


ULM Police Department 


Monroe Police Department


Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Department 


St. Francis Medical Center


Glenwood Medical Center


North Monroe Hospital


L.S.U. Medical Center


As soon as possible following an incident of rape or sexual assault, a victim should report the incident to the University Police at telephone number 318-342-5350.


Reporting to the University Police helps:

1. Protect you and others from future victimization.
2. Apprehend the assailant.
3. Opens options regarding criminal prosecution, civil action against the perpetrator, and University disciplinary action.
When you report a rape or sexual assault, a University Police officer will gather information from you concerning who, what, where, when, and why. These questions are necessary to obtain a description of your assailant, where the crime occurred, who may have been present, and other data pertinent to investigation and prosecution. 
Reporting a rape or sexual assault and choosing to prosecute are two separate things. When you file a report, you are not obligated to continue with legal proceedings or with University disciplinary action, but you are encouraged to prosecute. 
After the report is filed, a rape or sexual assault victim is escorted to a local hospital for a medical examination. The medical examination is necessary to assure that the victim is alright physically, that the possibility of venereal disease and other contagious diseases is eliminated, and that necessary lab specimens are obtained for prosecution.
The University Police officers report is important whether or not prosecution is desired. Good accurate information from the victim is necessary. The University Police will also assist you in reporting a rape or sexual assault to the Monroe Police Department or to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Department if the incident occurred in the jurisdiction of either of these agencies. 

If You Are A Victim of Rape

Do not shower, bathe, or change clothes. If you do, vital physical evidence may be lost. If you must change clothes, place soiled clothing in a bag. DO NOT USE A PLASTIC BAG. Do not brush your teeth. If you must use the bathroom to urinate, do not use toilet tissue. This is necessary in order that as much evidence as possible may be obtained during the medical examination when a rape kit is performed. 

Rape Awareness Programs

The ULM Police Department, the ULM Counseling Center, and other areas of the University offer programs on rape, acquaintance rape, and sexual assault. Programs are offered each academic semester at residence halls, as well as awareness programs for all students. Programs are also offered any time during the semester by request of different organizations.

ULM Counseling Center

The ULM Counseling Center has experienced professional counselors to offer support to victims in an atmosphere of understanding and confidentiality. The Counseling Center offers individual assessment and referral to both on and off campus facilities.

Changing Classes and Living Accommodations

If you are the victim of sexual assault and have filed charges, you are entitled to changes in academic and living situations if these changes are reasonably available. To request such changes, contact the Office of Dean of Student affairs. You will be referred to the appropriate individual to discuss such changes.


Students found guilty of violations of the Conduct Standards relating to rape, sexual assault, and other forms of violence are subject to the full range of disciplinary sanctions outlined in the Student Handbook. Possible sanctions include, but are not limited to, expulsion, dismissal, suspension, probation, warning, restitution, fines, loss of privileges, and other possible sanctions. University disciplinary proceedings may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings off campus.

Procedures For On-Campus Disciplinary Action 

Any member of the University community may file charges against a student for violence and sexual misconduct. Charges shall be prepared in writing and directed to the Director of Student Services, 318-342-5230, Student Center 239. Detailed filing and hearing procedures and regulations are listed in the student handbook. The complainant and the accused have the right to be assisted by any advisor they choose, at their own expense, and to have that advisor present during the hearing. Advisors may assist in the preparation for the hearing; however, he/she is not permitted to speak for the parties nor to participate directly in the hearing. Following the final decision of the hearing body, both the complainant and/or victim and the accused will be informed of the determination and recommended sanctions, if any.