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President's Report 2011-2012: Athletics

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Lou St. Amant (B.S. '70, M.S. '71) is just one of the many donors whom the ULM Athletic Foundation relies on for support of its programs and student-athletes.

As a donor and Warhawk booster, St. Amant shares in ULM's tradition of giving 110 percent. Being a donor signifies participation in something worthwhile and rewarding for St. Amant and ULM student-athletes.

"I am in a position to give back to the university for all the university did for me in my coaching and teaching experiences," said St. Amant. "I am extremely proud to be a member of the ULM donor family, and hopefully, it will help other students and athletes achieve their dreams."

"It's important for me to give back to the ULM Athletic Foundation and the university in appreciation for the many opportunities and help I received as a student, coach, and instructor. The university was instrumental in the development of my character and career," St. Amant said.

St. Amant was the winner of the 2012 Scogin Award, which is presented to a person who has demonstrated exemplary service to ULM Athletics and the ULM Athletic Foundation over a long period of time.

St. Amant showed that "all in" measure of sacrifice and dedication necessary to a successful fundraising organization and athletic program.

St. Amant was named head baseball coach in 1976 and guided the team for 18 seasons.

During his tenure, he won a record 414 games. St. Amant is a member of the ULM Athletic Hall of Fame.

After retiring from coaching, St. Amant handled color commentary duties for ULM football, basketball and baseball games for many years.

Lou St. AmantLou St. Amant

About the ULM Athletic Foundation

• The ULM Athletic Foundation is comprised of individuals and businesses with a common mission: to raise awareness and financial support for the Warhawks athletic programs; positively promote all athletic events; grow the fan and donor base; and enhance the lives of over 350 student-athletes.

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