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President's Report 2011-2012: College of Business

College of Business

Bruce Boulware (B.S. '69) was the first in his family to graduate from college—the foundation for his 25 years in senior leadership at some of the nation's leading law firms.

His accounting professors provided him with personalized guidance for his successful career.

"The accounting faculty, who had both practical and classroom experience, were truly outstanding, and their mentoring was invaluable. Jim Dear, Will Smith, and John Luffey were particularly helpful to me," he said. "I was well prepared to be successful in first, public accounting and later, corporations and law firms," he said.

Bruce, who has chaired ULM's Foundation Board of Trustees Development Committee, continues to support the institution where he earned an accounting degree and was named "Outstanding Business Graduate" of his class.

"Education is my principal philanthropic interest, as I believe it is the only path to individual and societal progress and success," he said.

"ULM has strengths to reach new markets and distinguish itself among its peer and competing institutions with vision, leadership and academic program differentiation. Alumni can help by sharing their expertise, participating actively with ULM leadership, faculty, and students, and making financial contributions."

Bruce and his wife Lizabeth, utilizing their combined business expertise, provide significant leadership to ULM. A few of their contributions include: the Bruce and Lizabeth Boulware Professorship in Management; College of Business Internship Support Fund; College of Business Capital Fund; and the Berry Allen and Reita Meeks McKenzie Case Classroom.

They also participate in the annual College of Business Symposium. In addition to their support for the College of Business, Bruce and Liz have supported significant university projects, including the University Residence (Bon Aire) and the Clarke M. Williams Student Success Center.

They also provided a significant leadership gift to aid the university and displaced students in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Bruce received the Golden Arrow Award in 2008.

Bruce's advice for young professionals looking to mirror his success is to "be curious, and find a successful mentor to help you develop."

Bruce BoulwareBruce Boulware

About ULM's Accounting Program

• ULM's undergraduate accounting program is one of the nation's few programs to earn separate accreditation from AACSB-International, the premier business accreditation agency.

• ULM's College of Business is launching a new certificate program—Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting—that will provide a valuable academic credential in the job marketplace.

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