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President Nick J. Bruno

President's Report 2011-2012:
College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

Kitty DeGree, honored donor and philanthropist, is ULM's greatest supporter. Her dedication has allowed ULM to invigorate campus facilities and programs.

"As a longtime supporter of ULM, I have directly seen the development and success the university is able to accomplish through community support," said DeGree.

School of Nursing, is committed to advancing higher education in northeast Louisiana.

"It is an investment in our future," DeGree continued. "We must agree and understand that educating our children is the solution to many of our state's social, cultural and economic challenges. Our children should have access to quality higher education here at home, and hopefully those children can remain in our state and contribute productively to our workforce."

ULM has steadily grown into a top university choice for students through the continued efforts of donors like DeGree.

"Community donations could well become the lifeline of our schools as they experience deeper and deeper reductions from state and federal funds. I donate because I care about the future of ULM in this community, and for these students today and tomorrow. I am very proud to be counted as a supporter of ULM."

Kitty DeGreeKitty DeGree

About the Kitty DeGree School of Nursing

• Founded in 1960 and graduating the first class of baccalaureate nurses in 1964, the Kitty DeGree School of Nursing has a long history of excellence.

• Graduates receive education in all aspects of nursing care, preparing them to work in a variety of health care environments.

• The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education reaffirmed accreditation of the ULM baccalaureate degree nursing program through 2020.

• On five separate occasions since 2008, ULM nursing graduates have scored 100 percent on their NCLEX nursing exams.

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