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President Nick J. Bruno

President's Report 2011-2012:

College of Pharmacy

As the needs of higher education continue to grow, donations of both time and money enable the ULM College of Pharmacy to produce and maintain excellent academic, research, and service programs.

Marty McKay (B.S. '74) is one of the many supporters of the ULM College of Pharmacy who gives back to his alma mater in variable ways.

As the Chair of the Dean's Advisory Committee for the College of Pharmacy, McKay has been given the opportunity to provide hands-on support for the college.

McKay helped facilitate the funding and expansion of programs and facilities for the ULM College of Pharmacy.

He serves on the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy and as the Central Regional Director of the Louisiana Pharmacists Association.

McKay finds offering time and expertise are important to the college's progress.

McKay advises the dean, and a group of alumni and council members who ensure the college is producing the most knowledgeable and prepared students in the field.

The mission of the College of Pharmacy is to educate future health care professionals to meet the diverse pharmaceutical care needs of Louisiana and to serve the professions of pharmacy and toxicology through a balanced program of education, research, service, and patient care.

The College of Pharmacy is the only state-supported program, and its students average an excellent first time passage rate on state licensure exams.

Marty McKayMarty McKay

About the College of Pharmacy

• Through its collaborative partnerships with the Louisiana State University Health Science Centers and other health care centers, the college provides high-level pharmacy care for state residents.

• Via partnerships with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, the college provides prior authorization services, disease management programs, and evaluation of patient and program outcomes for the Louisiana Patient Assistance Program.

• The college's Drug Information Center provides Louisiana's health care professionals with assistance in obtaining drug information and providing evidence-based answers to patient care questions.

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