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President Nick J. Bruno

President's Report 2011-2012:

Foundation Scholarships

Private scholarships from the ULM Foundation are an integral part of funding a student's education. The ULM Foundation scholarships are funded by ULM alumni and friends.

With over 400 Foundation scholarships available, students can apply based on criteria qualifications that help them become more competitive within a larger pool of applicants.

Jordan Baugh, a freshman accounting major from West Monroe, reflects on his scholarship experience.

"I applied for many different scholarships," said Baugh. "Combined with TOPS, my scholarship provided me with an opportunity that most students do not receive. I was blessed to single-handedly cover all the expenses of my first semester, with no money out-of-pocket."

Baugh continued, "The benefit in receiving this scholarship is that there are no worries or stresses in figuring out how I am going to pay for school. In some cases, this burden is the deciding factor of whether a student ever receives their degree or not. I am able to spend more time concentrating and working on my studies and less time working to pay back loans."

Scholarships at ULM are pivotal in ensuring the continued success of students who are seeking the benefits of higher education at ULM.

"My scholarship also provides me with the opportunity to really become involved within my university. In my opinion, receiving a scholarship provides a student a better chance at being successful in his or her school, occupation, and life," said Baugh.

"I'm pleased to have been awarded the scholarship from my university because without it, my college experience could not be the same."

For more information about ULM Foundation scholarships visit ulm.edu/scholarships

Jordan BaughJordan Baugh

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