Beginning Freshmen & High School Students

Admission Criteria

1. Complete the Regents Core: 19 units (Core4.pdf)

2. Earn 2.35 minimum overall high school GPA

3. Require no more than one developmental course

Minimum ACT subscore:
English ≥ 18
Mathematics ≥ 19
SAT English ≥ 450, Math ≥ 460

(If one ACT/SAT subscore is met, the other subscore can be
no more than two (2) points below the minimum ACT/SAT requirement; example: English subscore is 18 or higher, the math subscore could be a 17 or 18 for the student to be considered for admissibility, if all other requirements are met)

4. AND meet one of the following requirements

2.0 minimum core GPA
ACT minimum composite of 21

Are you 25 or older and never before attended college?
link: Admissions Requirements for Adult Learners pdf

All students are encouraged to apply for admission even if they do not meet the above criteria. Such applications will be reviewed on an individual basis and evaluated to determine likelihood of success at ULM. If you are not admitted to ULM, please consider a Community College (see info at right).


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ACT/SAT scores are required for admissions and scholarship consideration. Effective for Spring 2014 applicants and thereafter, only official scores delivered electronically, directly from SAT or ACT, will be accepted (paper copies will not be processed, unless received directly from ACT/SAT if no electronic copy is available). To register for a test or to request your scores be sent to ULM, see the information below. - ULM code: 1598 - ULM code: 6482


The Louisiana Transfer Degree Guarantee provides a guaranteed and easy transfer from any of Louisiana's 2 year community colleges to ULM for students earning an Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer (AALT) or Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer (ASLT). Click here for more info:

2+2 Agreements

Students not meeting ULM's admissions criteria are encouraged to begin their post secondary education at one of the Community Colleges listed below that have 2 + 2 agreements with ULM-meaning credit hours earned can transfer directly to ULM.

Louisiana Delta Community College
Monroe, LA

Bossier Parish Community College
Bossier City, LA

Dallas County Community College District
Dallas, TX

South Arkansas Community College
El Dorado, AR

Hinds Community College
Raymond, MS