Returning Students

Welcome!  We are pleased you have decided to return to ULM to continue your education.  If you have not attended another college/university since you have left ULM, your admission status is a readmit student.  If you want to pursue your degree completely online, you will need to complete application #7.



  1. Visit  to complete application #3 and pay a $20.00 application fee.  If you attended another college(s) prior to enrolling at ULM, your transcript(s) will be on file.

  2. You will need to be advised before you are able to enroll.  To schedule an advisement appointment, visit to obtain the contact information of your academic advisor and/or the telephone number of the college of your intended major to inquire about your academic advisor.  The Student Success Center (318-342-3667) advises pre-health and undeclared majors.

  3. If you have a prior debt, contact Student Accounts (318-342-5116).  This debt has to be satisfied before you are eligible to enroll.

  4. View the following videos to become reacquainted with ULM:

  5. Call the Admissions Office at 318-342-5430, if you have any questions. 


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