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The Research Hub

The Research Hub is a CEHD faculty initiative committed to advancing the research and scholarship profile of the college and its faculty.  It recognizes the ever-increasing need for and importance of inter-disciplinary research for improving human potential and quality of life in our diverse and global society.  It seeks to create a central virtual space where multiple disciplines meet, collaborate, and contribute to the production of innovative research.  It does so by keeping the ULM community informed about the multidisciplinary and multi-institutional scholarly and research activities and achievements among faculty and students as well as institutional efforts.  Also, it provides support for faculty through various activities such as hosting professional development seminars, allocating research funds for faculty, and providing informative and educational resources.

Contact Dr. Ken Alford to become a member: 

Dr. Ken Alford
Department Head
Department of Kinesiology
Brown Hall #102
(318) 342-1306