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Residential Life Application Helpful How-to

Roommate Group/Requests

All students must have a complete application on file before you can request roommates.

  1. Login to your eRezlife account (ulm.erezlife.com) using the same login information as your Warhawks email account.
  2. On the left side of the screen, under Housing, click Roommate groups.
  3. Create your Group with a unique name and submit a request to your friends to join.
  4. If someone sent you a request, you must login to your eRezLife account and accept to join the group.

Note: All roommate requests must be mutual. If you choose to join a roommate group, we’ll attempt to place you with the other members of your group based on the group’s preferences before we consider your individual preferences. We suggest you and your group coordinate your building/room type preferences on your applications.


Fall Application Cancellation Steps

Student has an application but no assignment:

Student has an application with an assignment but has not moved in:

Student has an application with an assignment and has moved in:

All other cancellation scenarios:


For more information, please visit the ULM Guide to Residential Life.