It is essential that all workers are aware of safe practices and include them in all activities on or off the job. All
University employees, as a condition of employment, must abide by and follow all safety regulations and standards, written or implied, for the purpose of protecting the individual from bodily injury and preventing damage to equipment and property. As noted, the following items are general in nature and not all inclusive of every situation or condition.

  1. Smoking and all tobacco use is prohibited throughout the entire ULM campus. See the ULM Tobacco Free policy ( for details.
  1. Possession of unauthorized firearms, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or unauthorized medically prescribed drugs will not be tolerated in the work place.
  1. Personal protective equipment will be used when required to protect the worker from potential hazards that cannot be eliminated. Faculty, Foremen and Supervisors will ensure availability and proper use.
  1. Accidents, near misses, injuries, and property damage should be reported to the supervisor immediately, regardless of the severity of the incident. The supervisor will see that injured employees receive medical attention and that all necessary reports are completed.
  1. Employees will inspect their individual work stations before each shift to ensure that equipment, tools and vehicles are maintained in proper working condition. Any situation which requires a work order will be brought to the attention of the supervisor who will take necessary steps to see that it is done.
  1. Whenever there is a question concerning the safety of a task or working condition, the supervisor should be consulted before commencing the task.
  1. Proper lifting techniques will be used and workers will get assistance when a load is too heavy or too bulky for one person to handle safely. Workers should never attempt to catch a falling object.
  1. All drivers will utilize restraint belts and will not start the vehicle until all passengers are properly buckled.  Vehicle operators must be trained and properly certified or licensed. They must follow all state and local codes when operating University vehicles or equipment on or off campus. Riders in the back of pickups/trucks must be seated within the bed and not on sides of the vehicle.
  1. Workers will report any unsafe working conditions or acts to their supervisors.
  1. Horseplay and fighting will not be tolerated.
  1. Workers should report the use of any prescription and/or non-prescription medicine/drug use to their supervisor. Some drugs or medicines may cause the user to react in a manner which is not normal, become drowsy or possibly unconscious. Some medicines may cause a person to be incapable of operating a vehicle or machinery.
  1. Employees working alone in potentially hazardous operations including the performance of any experiments or who work late at night must have someone within contact distance and should notify the department head or supervisor during the work day or the University Police after working hours.
  1. Workers should maintain an orderly work environment and work procedures. All tools and equipment should be stored in designated places. Scrap and waste material should be put in a designated refuse container.
  1. Employees should know safety rules and emergency procedures regarding first aid, evacuation routes, and fire department notification procedures for their work location.
  1. Employees who ignore or do not comply with safety requirements may receive disciplinary action and, in extreme circumstances, may have their employment terminated.