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Foundation Scholarships Award - Notification & Acceptance


Award Notification for the 2018-2019 Academic Year:

  • If selected for scholarship(s), applicants will be sent notification on their Warhawk email by the end of June from scholarships@ulm.edu.
  • Students may also view the status of each scholarship that they applied to in their Academic Works account by logging into https://ulm.academicworks.com, using their ULM login credentials.

Scholarship Award Acceptance:

Students who are awarded Foundation Scholarships are required to complete the following steps in order to receive their scholarship(s):

  • Recipients must accept their scholarship(s) by logging in to the Academic Works portal, https://ulm.academicworks.com using their ULM login credentials.
  • Recipients must complete the post acceptance questions.
  • Recipients must compete the thank you card(s) according to the instructions provided within their scholarship notification.
  • Scholarships will be posted to the student's account once the thank you card(s) is returned.