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STRATEGIC PLAN 2008 - 2013

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Overarching Goal: Sustaining a Culture of Excellence

Goal 1: Enhance the Culture of Faculty Excellence

Goal 2: Enhance the Culture of Staff Excellence

Goal 3: Enhance the Academic Learning Environment

Goal 4: Enhance Student Growth and Success

Goal 5: Maintain Fiscal Stability

Goal 6: Strengthen Relationships with ULM Constituencies

Goal 7: Deliver an Effective Operating Environment


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2008 Strategic Plan (full version)
2008 Strategic Plan (short version)
2003 Strategic Plan - Level I
2003 Strategic Plan - Level II
2003 Strategic Plan - Level III
Progress Report (2003 - 2004)

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Seek the TruthRoadmap for the Future: Excellence in Action

Strategic Initiatives 2008 - 2013


Dear Reader:

For over three quarters of a century, the University of Louisiana at Monroe has pursued excellence in the delivery of higher education to the Mid-South. As the University continues this journey through often turbulent times, the path ahead can be less certain without an effective roadmap. Consequently, ULM has completed its second strategic planning cycle of the new millennium and presents its University Strategic Plan for 2008-2013

This new master plan for the next five years builds on the work of the first planning cycle in 2003—2004 and extends it, offering a revised vision and mission for ULM. The centerpiece of this effort is the overarching strategic goal for the University: Sustain a culture of excellence. This central focus is supported by the following strategic goals:

Goal 1. Enhance the culture of faculty excellence
Goal 2. Enhance the culture of staff excellence
Goal 3. Enhance the academic learning environment
Goal 4. Enhance student growth and success
Goal 5. Maintain fiscal stability
Goal 6. Strengthen relationships with ULM constituencies
Goal 7. Deliver an effective operating environment

These primary goals are, in turn, supported by objectives and strategies designed to move the University of Louisiana at Monroe forward into the new millennium.

Involvement has been the hallmark of the development of the Strategic Plan. The document represents the cumulative effort of the University faculty, staff, and administrators. The project began in September 2007 with the appointment of a drafting committee composed of five individuals (Eric Pani, Jeff Cass, Richard Hood, Stan Williamson and Ken Clow). The charge of the drafting team was to produce a preliminary working document that would, after much input, eventually be forwarded to the University Strategic Planning Steering Committee as part of the process of determining where the University is and where the University wants to go.

Using the previous strategic plan as a starting point, the Drafting Committee obtained input from each of the Vice-Presidents and division leaders. An initial strategic plan was then drafted and subsequently reviewed by the President’s Cabinet. With input from the Cabinet, modifications were made and the strategic plan draft was then evaluated by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee in November of 2007.

Once the vision statement, mission statement, goals, and objectives were in place, the Steering Committee turned its attention to developing action plans (or tactics) for each of the objectives. Five subcommittees were formed in November 2007 to develop the initial list, which was subsequently reviewed and modified through a number of meetings with faculty and staff in January 2008. With input from the University community, the strategic plan draft went back to the Steering Committee for another review. It was then submitted to the President’s Cabinet for final evaluation, culminating in the Strategic Plan as set forth here.

While it may appear as though the process is now complete, it is important to realize that this University strategic plan is not static but a living document that must be continually evaluated. As the environment around the University changes, so must the Plan. As with any plan pursued in a dynamic environment, modifications in objectives and action plans may be necessary to ensure that the University continues to move toward the goals set forth in this master blueprint.

Toward that end, the work of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee did not conclude with the development of this document. The Steering Committee will join with University administrators to monitor progress toward the goals and objectives established by the Plan. As an aspect of this monitoring responsibility, it will be essential to make the Plan a dynamic document, reflecting modifications to the trajectory of the University as conditions around and within the University change. After all, the Strategic Plan is only a tool for advancing the University’s mission of learning, scholarship, and service. Its ultimate value lies in providing a roadmap for the future that will enable the University of Louisiana at Monroe to continue to fulfill its quest for excellence in education.

Dr. Kenneth ClowKenneth E. Clow
Chair, ULM Strategic Planning Steering Committee
Professor of Marketing
Biedenharn Endowed Chair in Business
College of Business Administration
August 2008