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STRATEGIC PLAN 2008 - 2013

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Overarching Goal: Sustaining a Culture of Excellence

Goal 1: Enhance the Culture of Faculty Excellence

Goal 2: Enhance the Culture of Staff Excellence

Goal 3: Enhance the Academic Learning Environment

Goal 4: Enhance Student Growth and Success

Goal 5: Maintain Fiscal Stability

Goal 6: Strengthen Relationships with ULM Constituencies

Goal 7: Deliver an Effective Operating Environment


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2008 Strategic Plan (full version)
2008 Strategic Plan (short version)
2003 Strategic Plan - Level I
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2003 Strategic Plan - Level III
Progress Report (2003 - 2004)

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Seek the TruthRoadmap for the Future: Excellence in Action

Strategic Initiatives 2008 - 2013

Goal 6: Strengthen Relationships with ULM Constituencies

Strategy: Expand working relationships with constituencies by creating a service culture.

Objective 6.1:
Increase the number of interactions with political and business leaders 25% by 2013.

a. Provide human capital, expertise to the community through the creation of a ULM Resources Link (charting all the University “talent” in key areas).

b. Establish additional internships and other mutually beneficial partnerships with government officials, Community Advisory Panels (CAPS), Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Non-profit organizations (NPOs).

c. Draft inventory of current internships available to students, as well as capturing and evaluating current practices for placing interns.

d. Assist officials in the identification, writing, and submission of relevant research and outreach grants.

e. Publicize to the business community the resources available at ULM that would effectively link ULM with the business community.

Objective 6.2:
Achieve an average of 50 community partnership activities per year by 2013.

a. Provide workshops for community on public service issues.

b. Increase presence on community boards, in schools, clinics, hospitals, and agencies.

c. Find additional opportunities to interact with, and strengthen awareness of, the University with city and regional officials, both inside and outside government (e.g. with area chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, and other non-governmental organizations.

d. Create a cadre of faculty ambassadors who would be trained about University issues and then send to events to increase faculty presence in the community.

e. Host additional academic conferences, stage non-profit events, and encourage community meetings of organizations.

f. Continue President’s Lyceum series.

Objective 6.3:
Increase the level of membership in the Alumni Association 15% by 2013.

a. Have Administration officials more frequently attend alumni-sponsored events, including deans, chairs, and directors.

b. Increase Departmental connections to their own alumni through increased email and other contacts, informing them of relevant Departmental and College events.

c. Have Alumni Association increase student awareness of available resources through Career Services and then list postings on the web.

d. Publicize job openings for ULM students on an appropriate university Web site.

e. Explore the feasibility of career services for alumni.

f. Work with vendors to ensure the accuracy of names, email addresses, and street addresses in alumni databases.

g. Increase the use of technology when communicating with alumni and donors.

Objective 6.4:
Increase the number of alumni attending sponsored events 15% by 2013

a. Link Good News and other Alumni information to College and Departmental sites.

b. Develop a list of successful Alumni.

c. Feature prominent Alumni at College symposia, conferences, and workshops.

d. Update and maintain records more regularly. Send more frequent reminders to graduates of Alumni news link.

e. Survey alumni to determine activities that would attract them to Alumni-sponsored events.

Objective 6.5:
Increase the number of donors to the University 15% by 2013.

a. Evaluate effective marketing strategies and mount marketing campaigns that target strategic constituencies.

b. Establish additional communications between the Office of Advancement and Alumni Association.

c. Have Foundation and the Office of Development make greater efforts to make the Annual Fund visible to the campus community and beyond.

d. Increase Office of Advancement support to Colleges so that they can develop stronger fundraising advisory boards and prospect lists.