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Student Life and Leadership

How to Create a Recognized Student Organization

  1. Visit the Atlas page (myULM -> Campus Systems -> Atlas) and browse the available groups to make sure we do not already have a chapter of the group you wish to start.

  2. Read the Student Organization Handbook available for download here

    Please note that you and your group are responsible for all rules, policies, and regulations outlined in this section. Read it in its entirety, as you will be held accountable.

  3. Contact Laura Jennings at knotts@ulm.edu for an appointment to go over the basic purpose of the group.

  4. If this group has a national affiliate, contact the national headquarters for information about how to get this chapter recognized. (These requirements vary from group to group.)

  5. Gather a group of at least five students who wish to create and run the group with you.
  6. Find an advisor (full-time faculty or professional staff).

  7. Have the advisor sign the Advisor Agreement Form, available for download here.

  8. Work with the other students starting a group to write a constitution/by-laws for the group. You must follow the outline found in the Student Organization Handbook, including the three mandatory statements. Also include anything the national affiliate requires, if applicable. An example of a short constitution, available for download here. An example of a long constitution, available for download here.

  9. Contact Laura Jennings at knotts@ulm.edu for an appointment to go over the final details. Bring the names of the students, the draft of the constitution/by-laws, and the advisor agreement form to this meeting.

  10. Revise the constitution/by-laws based on corrections given at the meeting with Laura. Submit the revised version to Laura for approval.

  11. Once the documents are approved, go onto Atlas and click “Request New RSO.” Please be sure to select the correct group category.

  12. Once Laura approves this request, the group is now free to hold meetings, events, and advertise itself. Prior to this approval, the group may not function in any capacity outside establishing the group’s recognition through the department of Student Life and Leadership and, if applicable, the national headquarters of that group.