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THE ULM SCOUTS act as the official hosts and hostesses at all athletic events.

The Scouts work at all home football games, volleyball games, soccer games, baseball and softball games, track meets, and basketball games.

In addition, the ULM Scouts attend all pep rallies and other spirit functions on campus.

The Scouts also help support our athletic teams by providing the necessary means to help all athletic events run as smooth as possible.

They are required to attend organizational meetings once a week.

The 2013-2014 Scouts will be composed of up to 30 members with two (2) being executive officers.

All Scouts receive a $400 scholarship per semester with out-of-state fee waivers available.

How To Apply:

The application period for 2013-2014 Scouts has passed. If you’re interested in becoming a Scout next year, please check this website during the Spring Semester for more information.