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Leadership Workshop Series

ULM's Leadership Workshop Series provides speakers, interactive sessions, focus groups and other activities throughout the semester, helping students develop a strong foundation of leadership beyond the classroom setting.

Students participating in the Leadership Workshop Series have opportunities to discuss important social, personal, multi-cultural and other current issues affecting ULM's campus and the world today.

Leadership Workshops for 2013-2014 are still being finalized, and will be posted on this page when available.

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Culture Shock Diversity Hypnosis: Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 6 PM, SUB Ballroom A

The goal of Cultural Shock is to help individuals gain a social and historical understanding of racial, gender, and cultural stereotypes. We expose stereotypes to help break cultural barriers caused by past inequalities and injustice. Cultural Shock uses real life experiences from past participants and community members to develop programs that support the efforts to increase cultural understanding.

Culture Shock © is an innovative and ground breaking program intended to expose cultural misconceptions through the unprecedented method of “Racial Hypnosis” ©

Cultural Shock has received rave reviews for their daring, head on approach to addressing cultural stereotypes.

Random participants are hypnotized to believe that they are no longer their race, gender, or culture, but instead a completely different cultural background.

While under hypnosis the participants will undergo several scenarios intended to expose racial, cultural, and gender stereotypes.

For Example, an African American student may be hypnotized to think they are Hispanic, and then placed in a scenario in which their subconscious plays out specific stereotypes of the Hispanic culture.

Diversity facilitators Patrick Wilson and Darnel Head will lead an explosive and eye opening debriefing that will enhance the students’ cultural awareness, and challenge them to promote an inclusive environment on their campus and in their communities. Culture Shock will provide the students in the audience with a Diversity Brochure that will provide statistical information about the cultures, genders, and races discussed in the show.

Culture Shock © is an extremely entertaining and educational program that you will never forget.

Adam LoDolce's

Adam LoDolce - "Sexy Confidence": September 24, 2013, 6 PM, SUB Ballroom

Adam LoDolce’s revolutionary program is designed to provide students with the confidence to leave unhealthy relationships and/or seek new fulfilling relationships.

As one of the nation’s leading dating coaches, Adam reinforces a critical message that confidence IS sexy! Adam has been featured on MTV, Glamour, Men’s Health, Cosmo and many more as the leading dating confidence coach because of his unique approach to succeeding in today’s dating scene.

Both men and women (of all sexual orientations) will learn the specific techniques on how to love their mind, their body and how to exude confidence in any social situation to attract the right type of person into their lives.