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April 12-13, 2013
ULS Academic Summit

Undergraduate Research Conference Guidelines


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Oral Presentation Information

Each oral presentation requires a submitted abstract (see abstract guidelines below). There will be 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes allotted for questions and answers at the end, for each oral presentation. Please plan accordingly.

Standard audio/visual equipment and computer will be available for the speakers.

Please bring your presentation on a USB/flash stick. We will have a computer available with a Windows operating system, as well as projector, that will be set-up to display the presentation. Make sure your presentation is a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show or something compatible (i.e. OpenOffice).

Please be present for your listed session as there will be time to load your presentation at the beginning of the session.


Poster Session Information

Set up by presenters begins at 8:30 am, Saturday, April 13, 2013 in the University Conference Center, located on the 7th floor of the ULM Library.

The University Conference Center will be open to the general public to view posters all day on April 13, 2013. Authors will be expected to attend their posters as a poster session provides opportunity for interaction with peers and professionals.

Take-down by presenters should occur no later than 4:30 p.m., Saturday, April 13, 2013.

Poster boards will be numbered. Presenters should attach their posters to the board number corresponding to the number assigned to their posters in the final program.


Poster Specifications

1. Posters may not be larger than 48” x 36”. Posters must contain a title, an abstract, and introduction, methods, results, conclusions, and literature cited sections.

2. Posters may be attached to the boards by push pins or alligator clips. Tape is not allowed. Mounting supplies will be provided.

3. Posters that do not meet these specifications will not be displayed.

The following websites (and many others) may be useful for additional poster construction information, but please be sure to follow the above guidelines for the Student Poster session.





Guidelines for abstracts

Students who participate in either of the poster session or oral presentations must complete the online student presentation form at ulm.edu/summit and include a short abstract of their work so that this can be captured in the Academic Summit program. Online submission deadline is March 8, 2013.


  1. Abstracts should be 100 words or less in length and should be written using complete sentences in paragraph form and not as a bulleted list.
  2. Abstracts should provide sufficient background to provide adequate context for the reader.
  3. Title of the abstract and poster should be appropriate.
  4. A statement of objectives should appear in the abstract.
  5. Methods by which the data were obtained should be included.
  6. Results should be provided within the abstract.
  7. Conclusions and a summary of the research should be provided within the abstract.
  8. Clarity and completeness should be accomplished within the abstract.
  9. Spelling, grammar, and readability should be paramount in the writing style.
  10. Scientific style should be used if applicable to the research.


Guidelines for Performance Piece

Entries for the performance component of the Academic Summit may consist of a dramatic theatrical piece, a song, aria or instrumental composition, or a choreographed dance work, or other similar work combining theatrical, musical, and/dance elements that would be classified as performance art.   

No performance may exceed five (5) minutes in length.

Each entry is limited to a maximum of four participants/performers and one performance piece per university.

A maximum of four conventional microphones and a sound system will be available. No wireless microphone or Internet capability is available in the performing space.

All entries must be performable within the limits of the Biedenharn Recital Hall stage, and for practical purposes performers are limited to a floor area of 12 feet in depth and 20 feet in width. All entrants must provide their own accompanist if piano accompaniment is required.

A maximum of two grand pianos are available for participants to use.

Performers are expected to assist with their own set-up or provide personnel to accomplish it for them.

All entries must be so configured that no more than three minutes are required to set up for the entry and no more than three minutes maximum is required for disassembling of the set-up. 

Each performance piece must fill out the Undergraduate Research Day Abstract.  This is required so the ULM can get a sense of length of piece, number of performers, requirements, etc. This needs to be submitted by March 8, 2013.


 If there are any specific questions, please contact Dr. Anne Case Hanks at casehanks@ulm.edu.